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So Jordan... Why start a blog?

I'll be honest, it was a completely random thought that popped into my head whilst watching The Chase.

I've been filming wedding videos for two years now, both in the East Midlands and in Yorkshire, and what started out with couples who knew me personally, to then being recommended to other people, I'm starting to gain attraction from those who find me naturally on Social Media and through this very website.

My main aim is to always make my customers feel as though they know me a little ahead of their big day. So I thought that having a place where I can post regularly about all sorts of things, including bits about myself, could help with that.

So I've set up this blog, which will include a whole variety of wedding-related 'stuff'. Whether it's a list of my favourite venues I've filmed at, photographers who I recommend, or latest video compilations, I truly hope that this will be a platform for bride-to-be's to get a feel as to who I am, what I'm like, and what to expect if choosing me as your wedding videographer.

And for those who might have an interest in wedding videography as a hobby, I might even treat you to a Top Tips guide, or a 'What's in my Camera Bag' special (cue audience 'ooooo' reaction). Unfortunately, one thing that I can't promise is my personal favourite tones of foundation or brand of curling tongs. I'll leave those to the professionals.

Finally, I'm hoping that Wedding Videography is an industry that I continue to spend many years doing. And therefore, a blog like this is also going to be a nice way of me being able to look back at my own development over the years.

All jokes aside, the whole premise of this blog is to make your wedding decisions easier, at a time which can sometimes be quite stressful. So if you fancy it, it would mean a lot to keep an occasional eye out for this blog, featuring mixed bag of recommendations, news, and a few laughs.

Jordan x



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