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Video Throwback - Made in Oldstead

Where have the last six months gone?

It's certainly been an incredibly busy few months for me, both as a freelance camera operator/editor and as a wedding videographer. Now that the world has opened back up again, near enough to how things were pre-COVID, I've been fortunate enough to work on a huge variety of projects, including this particular video campaign that I recently made for the popular Roots Restaurant, and their recent venture into the premium delivery service, otherwise known as 'Made in Oldstead'.

Many of you will know that product video is an area that I have a huge passion for. So, when the guys at Made in Oldstead contacted me after seeing a Cocktail Bar Promotional Video that I made last year, I didn't even hesitate to get on board with them, and see what content we could make together.

Projects like this are such an enjoyable process. Whether it's during the time spent searching for existing videos and wondering what we can bring to the project, or the relaxed vibes I always try and create on-set - especially between myself and the on-screen talent, or even when two shots perfectly transition between each other. This project was no different, so I'd just like to say a huge thank you to the team at Made in Oldstead, who made the entire process enjoyable and rewarding (not just because of the incredible food I got to sample).

Be sure to check out one of the videos that I made, below!



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