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Before turning freelance full time in 2020, I worked in-house at various production companies, allowing me to pick-up and adopt a whole range of best practices, not just from a camera operation perspective, but across various aspects of content production as a profession.

As well as being a DOP/camera operator, I love sharing the knowledge that I pick up along the way, to other creatives, which is why I have my own YouTube channel that's dedicated to teaching others who want to become a filmmaker/content creator, and have recently launched a podcast with a fellow freelancer Rob Worsey, that has the same intentions.

Last year, I upgraded my cameras to allow a higher quality of production, meaning that I now own industry-standard equipment that accommodates a wide range of filmmaking capabilities.

Key Benefits of the Sony FX6 and Sony a7siii

  • S-Log Recording, providing up to 15+ stops dynamic range

  • Up to 4K 120p 10bit All-I recording

  • Exceptional low-light performance

  • Timecode (FX6)

  • Ability to be used on DJI's latest Gimbal system, the RS3 Pro

Thanks for getting in touch.

Full, clean UK Driving Licence
Fully insured, incl. Public Liability (£5 million)
International cover
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