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I'm now a Full-time Freelance Content Creator!

I’m extremely proud to announce that I am officially taking the plunge, into the world of freelancing! Those who know me well, know that I always strive to pursue any goal of mine, until I reach it. So, although we’re in the middle of unprecedented times right now, I’m more determined than ever to succeed as, not just a wedding videographer, but a versatile content creator.

I'm now a Full Time Video Content Creator

To everyone who has already supported me on this journey, I thank you! Whether you’ve hired me for a shoot in the past, or chosen me as your wedding videographer, you’ve all contributed towards getting the ‘ball rolling’, where I’m now in the position of making an exciting, yet nerve-wracking, moment of my life, and turning it into a full-time career.

So here comes the plug…

If there are any agencies looking to expand their freelance pool, any businesses who are after an all-in-one video supplier, or even if you’re recently engaged and are searching for a videographer, let’s arrange a call… individually, of course.

2020 is no longer the year that halted everything. Instead, it’s the year that granted me the next opportunity.

Here we go...



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