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A New camera... at NO EXTRA COST?!

Yes, this blog is a little bit geeky. However, I'm extremely pleased to update you guys on how I'm now able to provide even greater opportunity to agencies and production companies as a freelance camera operator. So let's get straight into it...

Every now and again, camera manufacturers like to treat their users to a few extra features in their cameras. More often than not, these tend to be handy little assistive features that, without getting into the technical details, can really help filmmakers and camera operators on shoot days.

But Panasonic have decided to go one further with their latest round of free firmware updates, which has now unlocked even more incredible features within their Full Frame Mirrorless range, which ultimately turns my Panasonic Lumix S1 into a brand new camera, meaning that as a freelance camera operator, I can now inject more creativity and opportunity into our projects.

Before the 6th April, I was able to capture video content up to 4K at 60P, which is still an extremely relevant and helpful record setting for the majority of commercial and corporate projects. However, the team at Panasonic have enabled Lumix S1 users to go one further, and capture up to 5.9K video, including 12-bit Raw Recording via the external recorder - the Atomos Ninja V.

This might not seem like much to many, but this update is perfect for agencies and production companies who may wish to deliver their videos in 4K, whilst giving their editors the opportunity to crop into the image, without losing quality. The quality gained from Raw Recording is also a huge advantage for projects such as film and TV work.

Cinema 4K and Anamorphic shooting have also been unlocked in V2.0 of its firmware, furthermore allowing additional creative opportunities to suit a brief that you may have, particularly for any fiction work.

I, for one, am really excited about the opportunities that are now granted, without the need of buying or renting a more advanced camera for projects that require this level of resolution. The Lumix S1 was already a fantastic workhorse of a camera that, to the untrained eye, can easily stand tall against the larger, higher-end cameras other freelancers may be using today. So, with these latest additions, I hope these features can be put to good use, and help create even more stunning, future-proofed work.

Stay safe,




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