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Why You Should Consider Having Your Own Wedding Video

(I promise I've tried to make this less like a sales pitch, and more like a Top Tip!)

A wedding video is often be regarded as a luxury. Many may believe it captures a similar perspective as a photographer. And yes, whilst videographers and photographers may both stand in similar positions during the ceremony, walking round with a camera, video has the ability to completely separate itself from your photographs... and that is down to one simple thing that can differentiate the two.

Narrative. Just like your favourite films and TV shows, wedding videography also involves a narrative, which, without going into 'University Essay' mode, can completely shape the structure of what you watch. Your big day from beginning, to end. The story of your relationship, up until the very moment you lock eyes down the aisle. The reasons why your wedding day is today, and not any other day. Those are just a few ways a wedding video allows you to re-live the happiest day of your lives, and regardless of the narrative it has, are still loved equally as much as your photography album.

Admittedly, I absolutely love films. I studied Film at University, and even assist on various Film shoots whenever I can. Because of this passion, I want my customers to feel many of the emotions that you may feel when watch a film that you like. To name a few... Suspense, as they wait impatiently at the end of the aisle. Emotion, as you're unique love story unfolds. And celebration, whilst everyone joins in and surrounds you, after your first dance.

Personally, it's weirdly satisfying when a bride messages me saying that were in tears (happy ones of course) when watching their own wedding video - Even the men "who only cries when their team loses" have been partial to a few teardrops apparently! And whilst I'm not advocating that I like to make people cry - because I promise that isn't my intention, it's rewarding that a video I have made, purely consisting of nothing more than a couple, their relationship, and the day they legally become joined together, can have that affect on a couple.

Finally, family and friends often travel far and wide to make it to your wedding day. There may be guests who you rarely see anymore, or not know when you'll see them next. Seeing these people, alongside all of your other guests and having a great time, have an opportunity to become a memorable keepsake in the future - whether that's your uncle who never dances, secretly loving the YMCA, or multiple generations altogether at the same time, holding the newest addition to the family, is always a beautiful moment to have captured on film.

I'd just like to note that I'm not downplaying the importance of photography at all. Photography has a totally different level of creative opportunity, and some of the photographers that I've been fortunate to work alongside have produced some truly gorgeous imagery, that I would love to have as a keep-sake for when I eventually get married.

But, if you want to sob your eyes out, over a glass of wine, then get in tou... I'm kidding. All jokes aside, I hope this little blog begins to show a difference between photography and wedding videography, and why it should be regarded as a new necessity for your big day, and no longer just a luxury.



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