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Welcome back, Wedding Venues!

As of Saturday 4th July 2020, whilst many pubs, restaurants, and other businesses were allowed to re-open as the lockdown measures are gradually relieved, it was also a great day for many wedding venues around the country, including Yorkshire, to re-open.

To mark the occasion, I have released a short video of Oulton Hall, containing some weddings that I have shot at the lovely West Yorkshire wedding venue.

Whilst at the time of writing this, weddings are not yet allowed to take place in venues such as Oulton Hall, and are currently just allowed at places of religion, it is a great next step as we take one step closer back to the normality we all aim for.

If you're a couple who have had to re-schedule their day until next year perhaps, I promise that the time will go quicker than you may currently be anticipating, and I know that everyone involved in your re-arranged day, whether that may be the guests, the vendors, or the venue staff, we will all ensure that your wedding day will be extra memorable!

I cannot wait to be back out filming weddings all across Yorkshire, the Midlands and everywhere else. Are you getting married next year? If so, take a look at the wedding area of my website, take a look, and see if you would like a wedding video to capture your wedding day!



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