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As the UK enters 'Lockdown 2.0', I've spent the last few months developing a brand new video type to offer to all businesses... Product Promotional Videos.


The temporary closure of, what the government considers as "non-essential shops", means that businesses who sell and/or make products for a living, are relying more than ever on their online presence to remain sustainable. Rather than customers being able to browse around their store/shop, businesses have to instead ensure that their online stores are making their products look as high quality and professional as possible.


From biscuits and beers, to candles and cameras, the premise of a promotional video for products, and the benefits they bring, are completely the same. I won't go into all the details, but here is a quick list of benefits:


  • Effectively makes your audience stare at your products continuously for the video duration

  • Significantly influences their awareness of your product - the ultimate outcome of any advertisement, regardless of it's budget

  • The quickest way to visually showcase key features of your product (size, flavours, colours etc)

  • Increased Visitor Engagement (Website and Social Media)

So that's why I'm introducing an offer to all businesses, who feel that they'd benefit from their own stand-alone, or range of, product promotional videos. Take a look above at my most recent video, and imagine your product taking centre-stage instead.

At this point, price may be a consideration of yours. And that's completely understandable. The beauty of promotional videos, is that the cost of one of these, is tiny compared to the adverts you see on TV. My home studio has been set-up to carefully balance minimal expense, and maximum quality.


As a single-person content creator, capable of full service video production, including producing, camera operation and editing, I will proudly take complete control of your video project, making it a smooth, hassle-free process, from conception all the way to completion.

What's more, if you like the video above, I am also offering a multi-video discount of up to 25% off, as a way of helping businesses during these times.

So whether you're wanting to raise your brand profile on your website, your socials, or even a TV display in your shop for when the retail industry regains a sense of normality, get in touch today. I really want to help businesses wherever I can during these troubling times, and so I hope that creating videos like these, can do just that...


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